Exo-M Messages on Official Site for 1st Year Anniversary


Chen’s Message

Hello EXO-M Chen here!!!!

Wah it really has been a long time

To be able to spend some pleasant time with the fans like this makes me feel good^^

I feel sad that I can’t give more wittiful answers even though I wanted to ㅠㅠ;;

During the next surprise visit I’ll make sure to leave a pleasant and fun message for everyone!!

It’s EXO’s first anniversary since debut!!! To the fans who keeps on giving us your unconditional love thank you! I love you! In joy and in sorrow I will always remember the times spent with everyone. You will always be with me right? Het~

Thank you to all the fans! And I love you!!!!!!!>_<

Tao’s Message

Hello. I’m EXO-M’s Kungfu Panda Tao

In order for everyone to see this easily, I especially wrote it in Chinese and Korean myself~ hehe

It’s already been one year, time…

Lihat pos aslinya 568 kata lagi


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